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What do you understand about your own bright light energy?


We are all broken and that is how the light gets in..

By the famous author Ernest Hemingway.

It is impossible to avoid all pain and suffering during a lifetime, but I believe that our setbacks have a larger meaning and purpose.

I see this very differently, we are not broken, we are whole when we enter this life's journey, and we are wide open and venerable.. and fragile

I believe we are our bourn of pure energetic light beings, and its is our life's journeys and traumatic events along the way, that changed our self beliefs and alters our light, creating dark shadows, blind spots.

These latter quotes from a combination of Leonard Cohen & Ernest Hemingway

Breakage typically causes cracks, and light symbolically represents spiritual strength and insight.

There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in. The light gets into us through our broken hearts.

What is your interoperation of this quote?

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