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I bring a wealth of education, certifications, and personal life experience, Qualification Certifications

RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy - Clinical Hypnotherapist  RTT®

NLP Marin- NLP Master Practitioner 

Somatica - Intimacy & Relationship Counselor

IFS Internal Family Systems - Certification

10 years as an NLP & RTT Hypnotherapist working with Anxiety, Trauma, Weight,

Intimacy & Relationships. 

Because of the impact of my trauma, I healed my anxiety, depression, and trauma through somatic therapy, using RTT, NLP, and IFS. I found connecting with my body, and noticing where the triggers came from, such as the hurt inner child, and parts holding trauma. Allowed me to address the wounds at the core of my being, and relieved me from negative looping thoughts that kept me stuck in my life. The lessons were to forgive, let go, and love more. 

I became more open and able to share my vulnerability in conversations with my partner. 

This was key to my healing & growth.

I've learned that when I'm authentic and love myself I can be my best self.

Being fully immersed & connected in my body I make better decisions, have better outcomes & connections, and have great sex, which brings more openness and connection with my partner first & then with others.


I am on a mission to heal people from their pain and suffering from past trauma to empower people to feel peace of mind and self-confidence

The Answer to Freedom is Inside of You!

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