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The mind and Body ~ How to heal an Injury in your body

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I recently injured my knee and it really put me out..

After the year and half of Covid shut down, gyms opened and closed again for long periods of time..

My body and mind suffered, as I am sure did yours. Atrophy and weight gain were one of many of the side effects of us all being shut-down and being inside our homes.. Sometimes never leaving the house all day.

I have found that letting yourself heal is a good thing. Ice and rehab. Where the frustration comes from is that I had just started to go to the gym regularly 3 to 4 times a week, to lose 10-15 pounds of weight gain.

Two things..

1) If you want to lose weight you have to increase your cardio workouts, to 30min up to 60 mins. This will prompt your metabolism, to help you lose weight, along with less calorie intake.. This is a must. Less calories changing your diet to more veggies, pure protein and less carbohydrates, is the key component to weight loss.

2) In re-habbing in injury taking the time-out to heal your body, with ice and anti-inflammatory painkillers, and more turmeric in your diet also helps.

I find that once you're able to reuse that injured part of you, the swelling and pain have gone down.

3) It's time to reprogram your brain. When you injure yourself, your body goes into its protection mode, and tightens up, the swelling that occurs to protect the injured part of you.

This is fantastic. What an amazing body we have..

4) What needs reworking is once the body is healed.

You need to re-balance your body

My left knee in my case was injured and my right took on all the work.

To regain balance back in my body, I have to tell the right leg to stop protecting me, and give me my left knee and leg back.

How I achieve this is, I go and do a gentle cardio workout for 30 mins, on a machine like the elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike. This holds your leg and knee in a stable place, then I slowly and gently start to put more full pressure on my left leg, and eventually I become fully confident of my left leg's ability to be strong again, and I continue to see how much mobility I can regain to have my knee and leg back.

This is some kind of kinesiology strategy.

6) If you need real help go to your chiropractor and ask if he is also a kinesiology Chiro..

If not seek one out, this will prevent re-injury of the same area.

7) This is because if you do not fully regain the nureo re-patterning in your brain to release the injured part of your body.

Your brain and body will still hold that part of you in a tightness, to protect you.

So if you want full recovery, I definitely advise you to seek out a kinesiology chiropractor, and Also get a full body massage, a few times to help relax all the muscles around the indury.

How does kinesiology work..

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