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Go from Fight to, Flight, to Freedom 

In 21 days working with an expert RTT practitioner to dismantle negative patterns that keep you stuck

How to achieve 

Peace of Mind from Trauma PTSD

Gain Self-Confidence

Reduce Anxiety take control of your life

be your perfect Weight!

Easily without stress in one to three session!

Break free from the disempowering beliefs and limitations YOU create in your mind

How it works and Why it works!

Our behavior is controlled by 95% of our subconscious mind.

Our ways of thinking, negative looping thoughts turn into sabotaging behaviors that end up in the subconscious mind, and keep us stuck. 

In psychology, these are also called beliefs. Many of them developed in childhood.

Our subconscious mind contains both positive and negative beliefs. 


Thoughts like..

 “I’m not good enough”, “I am not worthy of love”, “That’s not available to me” 

Everything begins with your -Thoughts, into Feelings, into Behaviors.


To change this is simple and sustainable, start where the issue originates in the subconscious mind. 


What are the three advantages of RTT hypnotherapy?

  • RTT hypnosis effectively removes stuck parts, emotional blocks, limiting ways of thinking, sabotaging behaviors. Using the subconscious mind. You feel instant relief.

  • New positive beliefs and behaviors are anchored effectively and sustained.

        You feel motivated, empowered and your self-confidence increases.

  • Personally tailored to your needs and individual issues .

        Your relationship with yourself improves.

        For positive effects that you can see, hear and feel instantly and progressively!  




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