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Stories people tell about themselves are actually a lie, and a cause of Depression/Anxiety/Addiction

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

People suffering with the feelings of depression, anxiety, that can then lead to addictions.

Addictions are running their lives and ruining their abilities to have relationships, friendships and have any kind of peace of mind.

The thing about people's stories is that they are based on facts that remain unchanged because we created those in our childhood, and can recur many times thereafter in our lives. Recovering from a bought of anxiety, and depression, and then going back into it over and over again, is looping in a stuck place of trauma, repeating traumatic events over, and over in your mind.

However, if we begin to see what is really underneath these past stories, the trauma, pain, hurt, shame, guilt. The feelings we feel, and felt by an event that changed the way they think about ourselves, usually in a negative frame of, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I will never be able to have that, it's not available to me.

We might say that the stories people tell about themselves are actually a lie.

What I mean by that is that the things that we tell our sleeves change how we think, if we can understand that you can look back into a time when those events hurt you, and release that pain and hurt, you don't need to carry that burden of pain and hurt anymore.

Through Transformational therapy we get to the root cause, and release that pain, because it works with your feelings and thoughts in the present for profound permanent change and healing.

A bad, horrid and damaging event will impact you, you can choose to heal that hurt part of yourself, or you can try to ignore the impact of the hurtful incident and push all those hurt, hard feelings down and try to forget it happened. Because it makes you feel the shame, guilt and it hurts you deeply and you can not bear to face it.

As we all know those hard feelings can turn into destructive behaviors and lead to feelings of depression, anxiety that lead to Addictions.

ALL Addictions are based on a feeling, you are feeling bad, hurt, sad and you want to feel good, happy.

Going from feeling sad to feeling happy, it is what drives all of us.

Instant satisfaction, feedback on social media, likes, compliments, and rewards like praise from your lover, partner, family, friends or work coworkers, your supervisor, your boss, or a client.. It makes us all feel great about ourselves, a sense of achievement of doing something well, and we have a sense of pride.

If we don't feel we can love and appreciate ourselves, if we don't like our sleeves..

We then look to something to make us feel good, this is the start and only reason we become addicted to alcohol, sex, drugs, work, purchasing, exercise, eating, OCD many other ways we can become fixated on the feeling to be fulfilled and great hunger to feel good/happy.

I can help you with your feelings of depression, anxiety and your Addictions. Let's get you back to feeling great in all the different and beautiful parts of you!

Ashley Howitt

Call:(415) 634-7481‬


NLP Somatica-Embodied Therapy

Working on Relationship, Intimacy & Trauma

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