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RTT- Dietless life -Through hypnotherapy

With the focus on your attachment to emotional eating. 

Did you know that every time you restrict calories, you reduce the likelihood of your diet working?

It sounds strange, but it's because your resting metabolic rate decreases every time you diet and it doesn’t go up again when you stop.

When you regain and start to carry excess weight, your resting metabolic rate drops even further, and this is the unspoken damage that dieting does to you.

Unfortunately, more dieting CAN'T fix this.

That's a difficult reality to be facing... however I DO have some great news for you.

RTT Marisa Peer has 30+ years in the diet industry, she has created something revolutionary called the Dietless Life.

It’s very different from any other methods you may have tried.

This is based on her experience and knowledge of helping real people easily meet and sustain their ideal weight.

My RTT proven method of hypnosis will help you increase your metabolic rate, improve digestion, and change your taste buds, leaving you preferring healthy food all the time. The best part? It won’t feel like hard work or restrictive.

My unique method of hypnosis can increase your metabolic rate while changing your weight, shape, size, and relationship with food. Isn’t that what we all want after all?

I believe this is the most exciting thing to hit the weight loss market in years.

The Dietless Life program addresses the real challenges of weight loss: losing and sustaining, consistent healthy choices, having the confidence to eat differently, and improving metabolic function—all without the need to diet.

You benefit from the techniques brought to me via my teacher Marissa Peer RTT specialist, she developed during 30+ years in the diet and wellness industry helping people just like you transform your mind first then your body.

We use tools and techniques to show you that your thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, and actions create behaviors. Diets focus on changing the actions, not the thoughts, hence a huge failure rate. What we do in the program is to change the thoughts that run the actions. 

I can’t wait to help you on this journey to becoming slimmer, healthier and cured of dieting forever.

The destination is fantastic!

In 2 to 3 hypnotherapy sessions over 8 weeks, with accountability weekly check-ins and support throughout the 8 weeks ;) 

Best to you,

Ashley Howitt

‪(415) 634-7481‬

Somatics-Embodied Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT®

Working with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

Diete-less Life practitioner

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