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Freedom to be your authentic happy self

Creating more peace and love within Yourself

It doesn't need to be complicated to figure this out, and heal yourself.

1) How your mind affects you, the brain is the most powerful part of our being.

2) You put meaning into the negative stories you tell yourself, and then relieve it over, and over. Stuck in a looping negative story or belief.


It's the meaning that you are attached to, and beneath that you told yourself a belief of who you are

1- I am not good enough, I'm not worthy.

2- I am not able to have it, its not available to me

3- I don't belong, I'm different.

You live with a hardwired way to stay stuck, with what is familiar- to keep you safe.

These 3 beliefs can be changed, and the stuck parts of you can be let GO…………… TO be free from your pain, free from suffering, free from your burdens of trauma and addictions.

Somatics-Embodied Transformational Therapy

Works through the science of Neuroplasticity and combines the most effective and beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

Transformational therapy reframes the negative self-talk messaging, and changes the negative beliefs that keep you stuck. Transform the messages you tell yourself, be present in your body, and connect authentically with all the different parts of you.

Permanent results, with this uniquely powerful therapy to gain lasting freedom from a negative belief or issues.

Working with Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Trauma and Weight gain.

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