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When you feel lost, losing hope..


Do you feel suppressed in your relationship with your partner, you are unsatisfied with your career path, do you know how to move forward in your life?

Those deep feelings of losing hope and feeling overwhelmed, even stuck, paralyzed by fear.. 

You have lopping thoughts ruling your mind and then paralyzing your body.. 

Creating anxiety and fear keeps building.. Day in day out… you numb yourself out with mindless social media or other mindless activities, drinking, overeating..TV…all  trying to escape the pain of your mind and negative looping thoughts.

Who to relieve yourself of these horrid sensations and crippling thoughts.

Fear makes us feel off balance. We have reached capacity, making us feel uncertain and insecure, you have reached the edge of your comfort zone.

Fear is also a time to reflect on what is and it's working for you, and to then take action and realign with what is working for you right now. Focus on that one good thing, rather than falling into the thread of negative thoughts of it not working for me..

We can learn to honor our fear, feel its intensity, and listen to its intelligence.

Fear informs us that the changes we are contemplating are significant, and enables us to approach it with deep courage of the unknown outcome. 

Whenever we face our fear, we overcome an inner obstacle inside of us and grow from that knowledge of truly trusting self.

This action moves us into a new self awareness and life-enhancing inner strength.

When we can understand the message fear is trying to teach us, we are more able to hear its wisdom letting us know that it's time to move forward or not. it informs us that the changes we are contemplating are significant, enabling us to approach it with the proper reverence.

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