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Unpacking the Impact: How does complex trauma translate into 'I'm not safe'?

Complex trauma is not just the event, but the subjective resonance in the body - the sense of unsafety, and the threat of being in danger - physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. 

If it comes from those who are supposed to offer you safety like a parent to the dependent child, if its safety is not given to the child, the child internalizes a dialogue inwardly as a negative thought, that turns into a negative belief about themselves, 

I am NOT 

I am not good enough

I am not worthy of love

I don't matter

I am insignificant,

I don't belong

No one cares bout me.

Safety is where we start in complex trauma. 

Safety in the body with Somatic work, and safety in the mind hypnosis healing.

To work with the body and the subconscious mind it is very powerful and very effective.

Being in a safe private setting, with a counselor/healer, where we can explore these stuck traumas in our nervous systems, in our bodies and our minds, negative thought patterns, and looping thoughts all ruminating in fear of not feeling safe. 

In my practice of hypnosis:  

I take clients through a process of using that childhood belief like, I am not worthy, or not good enough. 

We go to 3 seans all to do with that very belief. 

We see the link that was created at a very young age and see that this belief no longer serves you in your adult life, it was put in place at a very young age to protect you. 

You do not need that protection anymore, this belief is keeping you stuck in looping negative thoughts, negative behaviors, every day, and possible addictions. 

This belief amounts to you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and disassociating from your body trapped in fear in your mind.

It is ruining your life, you are not in control of your life. It is exhausting.

Wouldn't you want to stop that belief from sabotaging your daily life, and impacting your behaviors, and your relationships in a negative way?

Come talk with me, I can help you, 

Ashley Howitt

Somatics-Embodied Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT®

Working with Trauma, Weight, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

Please schedule a free discovery call with me here!

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