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The Answer to Freedom is Inside of YOU ❤️

Updated: Apr 22

My passion and my Mission -

- I am on a mission to ensure that people heal from past hurt and trauma. 

- I am on a mission to help empower people to be more self confident.

I'm on this mission because:-

- I healed my own anxiety, depression and trauma through somatic therapy, NLP, and IFS parts work.

This was to find and heal the deeply hidden hurt traumatic parts within my own body.

It helped to relieve myself from negative looping thoughts that kept me stuck in my life, stuck in anxiety, stuck in depression, stuck in trauma.

I want to help others to heal and feel relief from their pain and suffering. 

The Answer to Freedom is Inside of YOU ❤️

How it works:

Free 30 min Discovery call, where we establish if we are a good fit for each other.

We create a plan for your  individual healing over the course of 3 months.

Intake call: During this call We dive into your history and where to start with the most pressing issues. You can share your goals, concerns, and any specific challenges you're facing on your journey.  Coast Hour long Session $100 

Plan: 3 month process using three hypnotherapy sessions: 

Each hypnotherapy session costs $300 a session,

and is one and 1/2 hours long and up to 2 hrs long.

-Three different audio recordings 

-The work removes old beliefs and fears holding you back.

-To increase your self esteem and confidence by silencing that inner critic, and reinstalling

your inner resilience, strength and power.

-Based on our discussions and your goals, I'll design personalized hypnotherapy sessions

tailored to your needs. I'll provide you with tools, techniques, and strategies to maintain your

emotional well-being and continue supporting your healing journey. 

-By following this structured process, we ensure that our hypnotherapy sessions are !

tailored to your individual needs and focused on helping you achieve your goals with

confidence and self-esteem.

-Through gaining self love, knowing you are enough, that you are worthy of love, and YOU belong to YOU!

Let hypnotherapy remove the blocks from your past hurt and traumas, so you can enjoy, embrace, and take back your own life.

Let me help you find the Answer to Freedom Inside of YOU ❤️

Best to you,

Ashley Howitt

‪(415) 634-7481‬

Somatics-Embodied Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT®

Working with Trauma, Weight, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

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