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Why Do I Feel This Way? Depressed, anxious, angry, or emotional unstable

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Are you suffering under a dark cloud?

• Is upheaval your daily experience?

• Do you find yourself being triggered by little things that shouldn’t bother you, blowing up or retreating when you should be handling your life?

• Do you suffer with a sense of hopelessness, powerlessness, emptiness and despair?

• Feeling isolated and alone, like you’re just watching your life, instead of actually living it?

You could be hearing the voices of your past.

• Recovery from adverse childhood experiences, reclaiming yourself and your life is a goal worth pursuing.

• The journey begins with the discovery of your greatest ally, your inner advocate, your most authentic Self, and with a good Therapist to help you heal, overcome and have a full life.

• Then the truest parts of whole self directs your path to healing, and achieving your highest potential for the best you.

Without an awareness of this self-supporting advocate and adequate healing tools, you may be lost in a morass of confused emotions, thoughts and behaviors, without knowing how to extricate yourself from the mess.

Let me help you

Transformational therapy reframes the negative self-talk messaging, and negative beliefs that keep you stuck.

Transform the messages you tell yourself, be present in your body, and connect authentically with all the different parts of you.

Creating more self-confidence, self-worth, and awareness.

Creating more peace and love, within yourself, to be the best and happiest self you can be.

Everything begins with you'r -Thoughts - Feelings - Actions

You'r thoughts dictate, you'r feelings, you'r feelings dictate you'r actions, you'r actions dictate... your behaviors, your behaviors justify your thoughts.

Let us work together to help YOU heal all the beautiful parts of you

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