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Why See a Counselor?

If you’re feeling afraid to see a counselor, rest assured that this is normal.

However, there are plenty of reasons to see a counselor that outweigh the trepidation you may be feeling. Here are some reasons to help you decide when to see a Counselor

1. You’re Experiencing Intense Feelings of Sadness or Helplessness

It’s normal to feel down every once in a while, but sometimes it’s difficult to get out of a low point in your life. These feelings can actually be a sign of major depression, which is a reason to find a counselor who can help you talk through those feelings and begin healing, bit by bit to help with the overwhelm you might be feeling.

2. You’ve Run Out of Advice From Friends and Family

However well intentioned, advice from friends and family on coping with life’s challenges may not be enough. The assistance of a professionally trained and experienced counselor can be much more helpful. You’ll find tools that your friends and family cannot provide.

3. You’re Using Alcohol, Drugs, Porn or Other Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Managing painful or difficult emotions with alcohol, drugs, porn or other addictive means commonly leads to larger problems. Getting help from a specialist in addiction treatment. Let us help you find a better way to cope with mental distress.

4. You or a Loved One Are Living With a Chronic Health Condition

The uncertainty of serious illnesses can bring on stress, anxiety and depression. It’s easy to slip into negative thought patterns when you are facing a long-term illness. Counselors can help you see through the troubled waters to a bright horizon so that you can focus on the positives in life.

5. You’re Undergoing a Big Change

From a major career shift to a change in marital status or relocating to a new state, big changes can lead to emotional distress. Talking through these changes is almost always better than trying to power through them on your own. A mental health counselor can provide a space where you can express your true feelings and emotions regarding big changes and receive some guidance to help you embrace the changes in your life.

6. You’ve Recently Lost a Loved One or Close Friend

Grieving is normal and healthy, but if time passes and you’re still feeling a heavy burden from the loss of a family member, trusted friend or pet, Counseling can help. Having someone to talk to with experience with the grieving process can ease the pain that you are feeling.

7. You Suspect You Have a Serious Mental Health Condition

Some of the most common mental health disorders are effectively treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy therapy. Professional trained in a range of evidence-based therapies that can be utilized to help you on your journey toward better mental health. In nearly every case, leaving a mental illness untreated can lead to worsening symptoms down the road.

8. You Feel Like You’ve Lost Control

Counseling can help calm the waters of rampant substance abuse, rage, anger or other runaway emotions. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness, there are times when your life may feel out of your control. Talking it through with a counselor is a good way to be reminded of what you do have control over in your life.

9. You’re Having Family Issues

Couples and family counseling can help improve communication, work through challenges and resolve conflicts. However, as mentioned earlier, couples counseling is not recommended for those in abusive relationships. Family counseling is great for practically any family unit. There are so many different relationship dynamics at play, and counselors can help each member find understanding and compassion for each other.

10. You Feel Like You Need To Talk to Someone

It’s as simple as it sounds—trust yourself. If you feel like you need help, seek it. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed for taking action to improve your mental health and well being. You know yourself best, and if you think it’s time to find a counselor to help you in this hard funk you're in, then it is time. To chat and see where it goes. If it makes you feel better then it is healing YOU..

Who wouldn't want that, let me help you :)

Ashley Howitt

‪(415) 634-7481‬

Somatics-Embodied Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT®

Working with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

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