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Six signs that prove that you are an empath RTT®

There are plenty of kind and sensitive people in the world. You might be an empath if you feel other people's emotions like they are your own.

An empath is highly aware of the emotions of those around them. Empaths see the world differently —they are keenly aware of others, their pain points, and their emotional needs.

Empaths can notice shifts in energy, are sensitive to voice tones, and can even take on the feelings of others. Empathy can be a coping mechanism for people who have been in environments filled with trauma. In past life experiences, being unaware of others' feelings, energy, tone, or facial expressions could have threatened these individuals.

Even though being an empath can be mentally draining, it is also a superpower.

Empaths are excellent at building deep and genuine relationships, and because of their compassion and sensitivity, empaths do particularly well in people-focused careers such as therapy.

Swipe to check out these six signs that prove that you are an empath RTT® ➡️ #RTTworks.

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