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Balancing one's energy on a day to day basis..

Balancing one's energy on a day to day basis can be challenging with all the demands and stress of a working person, kids needs, partners needs, family ...On and on.

Checking in with yourself, do you feel Safe, 

Can you fully experience the Sensual world? Can you feel your senses?

Do you have Spacious time to yourself to reflect, to think, to calm your nervous system down from the hustle bustle stress of a full working life.

When we feel overwhelmed because our needs are not being taken care of, our Sensitive self shuts down and we become numb, in survival mode just coping, costing with life?

How to bring back some balance easily into your busy life:

If you can focus on one thing to do for yourself everyday:


~Going to the gym in the mornings before work, this provides your needs met first and the satisfaction of feeling good about working out, and how it makes you feel after your workout and sets you up for the day's working demands.

~Walking your dog can also provide the same feelings and needs being met first. 

If your routine does not allow you to get this release in the mornings?

~Try taking 3 mins of time in the mornings first thing to write down 3 things that make you feel happy, 3 things you're grateful for.. 

Your home/apartment, kids, family, friends, even your job, whatever makes you feel good and happy.

~If all else fails, listen to positive uplifting music, or a healthy healing informative podcast, read a good book. On your way to work… 

Take those deep breaths and feel your body start to calm down.  

~Creating time and space for yourself is a priority YOU need to create for yourself, in order to stay healthy and positive.

~If you and your partner are drifting apart.. 

It is time reignite the passion and the desire to spend quality time together. 

Create date night weekly:

Make each other a priority again, spending time outside the homelife..

Creating common hobbies and activities together..

Bring back the magic..   

If you are struggling with any of the above..

Please let me help you get back on track with your life.

Best to you,


‪(415) 634-7481‬

Somatics-Embodied NLP Counseling & RTT® Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Working with Trauma, Weight, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

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