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Addiction - How Ashley Can Help You?

Addiction - How Ashley Can Help You?

We live in a fast-paced world that can often cause collateral damage such as pain, anxiety and depression, Addiction, Trauma and addiction.

Medication can help, hypnotherapy offers a holistic approach - helping you to see past the symptoms of any issue you are facing, by connecting to the deeper parts within you that are often the root cause of the bad habits, emotional disturbances, or excessive indulgence, triggered by some thought or idea planted in your subconscious mind in your formative years. ​

We work together to unlock those secrets that lie deep within using Hypnotherapy, and by applying various tools I help you to free yourself from what's been holding you back. ​ If your issue is not listed below, this does not mean hypnotherapy cannot help you. ​

Food & Body Issues: Hypnosis can be effective for people looking to lose weight or manage their eating habits. With the right tools, the mind can be influenced into changing habits such as overeating, and replacing thoughts and feelings with healthier ones.

Addictions: All related addictions: alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex.. can stem from our emotional baggage from the past, or it might be that life is just too stressful. Whatever the cause, hypnosis can locate it deep in your subconscious, and help you to change your mindset and habits.

Emotional: Anxiety, depression, codependency are common in our fast paced society, but you don't have to live with it. Hypnosis can help you to find the root of the cause, and break free from these often-times debilitating conditions.

Relationships: Sometimes those we love can trigger deep feelings within us, which are not always positive.

Hypnosis can help you dig deep into the subconscious to overcome any fears, self-love or limiting beliefs and release them, enabling you to form healthier connections to those you love.

Reach out for help from a professional like myself, to help you get yourself back into alignment with your true self, bringing you back into balance and strengthening your self esteem and self confidence. To allow you to speak up and set strong healthy boundaries and ask for what you really want, in the shoes of your true authentic self.

Best to you,

Ashley Howitt

‪(415) 634-7481‬

Somatics-Embodied Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT®

Working with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Intimacy & Relationship

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